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Documentation for TapTotal 1.2g

A stand-alone handy Time Billing & product sales invoice program for the iPhone, Android, Palm OS, iPad, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Symbian, etc. TapTotal was originally written for Palm, but HandBase now runs on most mobile devices, so TapTotal does too.
Requires HanDBase 2.10d or better. Requirements

TapTotal is a quick and accurate way for the mobile professional to answer the question; "What do I owe you?"

TapTotal is designed for mobile professionals who bill by the hour, and need to calculate the invoice amount right now. TapTotal also supports adding in item sales as well as travel charges. TapTotal can let you select your clients from a list to save data entry (also ensure accuracy), and auto-enter the correct hourly rate and travel charge (if any). TapTotal can even accurately compute your time if you work through midnight! TapTotal can handle it.

TapTotal will help you make more money by billing accurately & fairly, without costly omissions or math errors.

List view:

List after tapping right arrow

after tapping right arrow again

and again

This is a set of relational databases, written for DDH Software's HanDBase. (Available below) There are two datafiles; "TapTotal", and "Rates". TapTotal does all the work, and Rates keeps your client list, hourly rates & travel charge for each client.

Rates List view

Rates record detail

"Rates" is where you keep all your clients names, and the hourly rate you charge them. If you charge them a travel charge, you may also enter that (in dollars). Enter your clients & their rate info now because TapTotal can look up names and rates from it. This will save you having to enter their name or rate again.

This is the pop-up menu of Travel Time charges. You can easily edit this menu.

If you charge a different, but fixed travel charge for each client and you want TapTotal to auto-enter that for you also, see this tip.

Invoice Screen One

Invoice Screen Two

Tap Down arrow

In use: A Day in the Life

Let's say you have arrived at the client's site, and you are getting out of your car. Flip open your Palm, and launch TapTotal. Unless you're a frequent user of the memo pad, I suggest configuring your Memo pad button to open HanDBase. Push the "New" button to make a new record for a new appointment. Notice that the time & date are auto-entered for you. (You may change them if you need to). Enter the first few letters of your client's name. Tap on the first field label: "Name". This will open the Rates list so you may scroll thru and tap on the person or company you are about to begin work for. Notice that TapTotal auto-enters the hourly rate for you, which it found in the Rates database. (you can write over it if you need to). If you charge a travel fee, use the pop-up menu to select it or write it in. You may now power off your Palm, and begin your work.

If you sell the client something other than your time, enter a description in the "item sold" text box. Enter the price of it into the "item$" line. Do it before you forget.

If you have worked though a midnight, don't worry that there will be a math error or negative number of hours. TapTotal can handle it. TapTotal is the ONLY SOLUTION THAT I KNOW OF THAT IS CAPABLE OF COMPUTING TIME BILLING THROUGH MIDNIGHT.

If the client pays you now, tap the checkbox "paid".
If the client wants a receipt mailed to them later, tap "send Rcpt".
Later, when you have posted this transaction into your accounting system, tap "posted".
It's handy to use these checkboxes for filters (see below, they are not linked to any other fields.

Good uses for Filters:

"Posted" not checked will show a list of only the records that need to be entered into your accounting system. This is my preferred method of filtering, as it is a good reminder to keep current on the accounting & sending out bills before too long.
"Paid" not checked will display only the records that are unpaid.
Date range can show only records for a certain time period for monthly or weekly reports.


When in List View you can run reports very easily by clicking on the column title, and selecting "run Report". Generally the "Sum" is the number you're looking for. Do not select "Hide Field" or it will disappear from the list view. (Until you use the database properties to make it visible again, not possible in the Demo). Note that the reports are run only on the records in the list view, not the entire database.

Useful reports include:

Due$, Sum. so you know what your gross is for the time period.

Hours#, Sum. so you can know the total hours you have worked for the time period (as displayed in the list view), and the average hours per appointment.

Hour$, Sum. So you know how much money you made for your time (not counting travel or items sold), or the average per appointment.

Backing up:

TapTotal makes use of the Palm Sync "Back up" conduit, so your data will be safely transferred into your computer during a Hot Sync. You'll find it stored in the folder:
hard drive/users/yourname/documents/Palm/users/name/backups/TapTotal1.2x.pdb. At this time, 2 way data sync via a conduit is not supported.

If you are interested in seeing HanDBase sync directly into a desktop database, (perhaps even FileMaker Pro!) well, so am I. Let DDH software know and maybe it will happen someday. But for now, TapTotal is designed as a stand-alone handheld invoicing solution for use away from the office. It can do it's own calculating, so it doesn't need a desktop application.

In the meantime, you can extract the data from your TapTotal back up with another shareware product called HanDBase Desktop (for Mac). It's only $10, and can convert the backup files found in your "Palm/users/yourname/backup folder" into a tab-delimited or csv file that is readily importable into any desktop database or spreadsheet. You can also use this to import delimited data into TapTotal. you may find this especially useful if you have a long client list and want to avoid manually entering it into the Rates database. There are a number of other conversion packages available for all the major platforms, Mac, Win98/95/NT, dos, Unix, Linux, etc.

Printing without a desktop computer:

With the possible addition of printing software for your handheld device, you can print directly to a number of IR or wireless printers.

Why? A short story.

I created TapTotal for myself, because I (frequently) work my brains out for too long without breaks, and get too hungry to do time based math in my head. Being tired, I would round down the times way too much just trying to make the math easier. I made all sorts of on the spot billing mistakes (always in the customer's favor) that cost me $34.50 here, $27.32 there, and it's just too embarrassing to correct later. (Yes, trust me to work on your computer, but I can't add or multiply...) Especially if I undercharged someone by giving them the wrong hourly rate! (Augghhh! Then they might expect (usually lower) rate next time!) I was surprised that the were no programs for the Palm that already did this. So I bought a book on Palm Programming determined to learn to program and fix my problem. Just in time, I discovered HanDBase, the application toolbox I needed to make a real handy invoice program that I could depend on. One that could actually do math! Even time-based math. JFile can't do that.

How to tell if you need TapTotal:

  • If you are a mobile professional who bills for your time by the hour,
  • If you dislike doing base 60 time math in your head (or math at all),
  • if some clients pay you on the spot,
  • if some clients request a receipt mailed to them,
  • if you charge different clients different rates,
  • if you (sometimes) charge a travel fee,
  • if you ever sell/get reimbursed for products,
  • if you sometimes work through midnight,
  • If you need to keep track of all that,

... You need TapTotal!!!

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I hope you like TapTotal!

Best Regards,

Dave Nathanson
Mac Medix & TapTotal


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