TapTotal will run on any iPhone, iPad, iOS, Android or Palm device that can run HanDBase.

How to install:

1) Get HandBase for your device from the Google play store or Apple App Store. You will need a version of HanDBase to run Taptotal. Taptotal runs inside of HanDBase. I do not sell HanDBase, you'll get it directly from DDH by clicking the button below.

Purchase HanDBase for Palm

2) Download TapTotal to your device (links below) & open with HanDBase. You may download the trial version (free, limited to 3 records) and purchase when you are ready. TapTotal is priced low enough that you can just go ahead & buy it now. Either way will work.

Download TapTotal for HanDBase



If you are using HanDBase 2or lower, Download this version of TapTotal instead.



Buy HandBase for iPhone, iPad, iPodTouch in iTunes App Store   any version of HandBase for any device is required to run Taptotal

Download the Free 30 day HanDBase Demo
Purchase HanDBase for Palm

Buy other versions of HandBase

You'll need to get any version of HandBase in order to run TapTotal.

Download TapTotal Documentation in HTML format (same as this web site) (82k) --->


Purchase TapTotal here


TapTotal is distributed as Demoware. By paying for it, you are granted a single-user non-exclusive license to use it on one device. You may use it for personal or business use. Neither Mac Medix nor Dave Nathanson offers any warranty of any kind for it. If you find it useful, you will want to unlock it to remove the 3 record limit, please Click HERE to purchase TapTotal TapTotal is inexpensive and will save you from major hassles and problems. Your life as a mobile professional will be easier, simpler, smoother and more accurately compensated. TapTotal requires HanDBase software for your device.

Until paid for this program operates in "Demo" mode which is limited to 3 TapTotal records. You can edit these 3 records so you will be able make invoices, and to see how it works for you. After purchasing it, you will be able to create all the new records you want, and it will then be able to auto-enter the time & date when you make a new record. Paying enables you to really make use of it's features. In most cases you will able to unlock it within minutes after payment is received. The cost of HanDBase is extremely reasonable considering it's still the best handheld database available. You can purchase both HanDBase and TapTotal and be very happy, computing invoices anywhere on the fly.

If you don't like it, don't use it, or better yet, give it to someone who might need it. If you have comments about TapTotal for Palm OS, please